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This form is medium we will use to gather information on the Granados family relatives for this web site.  Currently we are focusing on the First Generation.  Please provide any information that you feel is relevant.  Don't feel that you must fill in ALL the fields.  The fields below are simply a starting point.  

But please DO INCLUDE your contact info (email address).

There is a field at the bottom of this form where you can enter general reflections.  Please give us what you can and be sure to hit the "submit" button at the bottom.  Thank you.

What is the full name of the Granados relative you're giving information about?


What was he or she commonly called by family members (nickname)?


What generation is the family member from?

Prior to first generation
First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation

If not from the first generation, from which first generation member does he or she descend?


Relate the circumstances of birth for this relative (i.e. birth place, which house or hospital, special circumstances):

Are there any interesting facts about this relative's childhood?

What houses and places did this relative live while growing up?

Marriage: When, where and to whom did this person get married?

Are there any interesting facts about the wedding?

Full names of his or her children (include nicknames)

What kinds of jobs or occupations did he or she have?


Where did he or she first settle as an adult?    

What other areas did he or she live in?

Was he or she in the Military? Attend College? Other educational institutions?

Can you name any interesting travel experiences for this relative?

Can you name any specific accomplishments for this relative?

If this Granados relative is no longer living, can you provide information on the circumstances of death and place of burial?

Any additional interesting facts? (i.e. Uncle Johnny once played ball with Babe Ruth).

Any additional comments, reflections, general information?


Please provide information on yourself:


What is your relationship with this relative?

You are from which generation?

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