Riverdale, Maryland

Granados House in Riverdale

The Granados family moved from their house in Mt. Rainier to a house in Riverdale in 1917 - the same year that the family became Naturalized U.S. citizens.

Granados house in Mt. Ranier
Granados House in Mt. Rainier

The Granados home in America

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On August 6, 1917, the family became Naturalized U.S. Citizens before the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. (Document No. 798847)  The certificate reads: Ramon Granados Marquez, residing at 1423 G St., N.W., Washington, DC, at a special term of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia held at Washington is admitted as a citizen of the United States of America. Also listed are: “Concepcion, 36; Louis Leon, Concepcion, Rosario, Clara Maria, Ramon, Maria Carmen and Delores, ages 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3 and 1.  

In 1917, the family moved to 407 First St., Riverdale, MD, where Juan, Mercedes and Antonio were born.  Houses there rented for $25 a month, which could applied toward their purchase.  In about 1920, the house was put in Ramon’s name.    

Ramon became good friends of the Lurba brothers, Ramon and Jimmie, who he met on board ship bound for the U.S.  The Lurba’s had a delicatessen on upper 14th Street, NW, which the Spanish people of Washington patronized.  At Ramon Granados’ suggestion, they added tables so food could be served in the shop.  Later when the old Hippodrome movie closed on E Street, the Lurbas opened the Pomona Restaurant there. Later they opened the Ceres next door and the Earl Restaurant in the building which housed the Earl Movie Theater (now the Warner). 

Luis helped his father translate a book on rules for the game of Jai Alai.  The original book was written in Spanish.  The game had become popular in Florida, but it had no English rules.   

Concepcion Rey Granados died on June 23, 1930 when 49; Ramon Granados died on June 21, 1937 at age 57.  Both are buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Washington, D.C. (Section 58, Site 494)


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